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What's the big secret behind getting the visibility your business deserves?

it's time for YOU to get out there, get noticed, and make the splash your business deserves so you can create the impact and success you desire!

Let's Get REALLY Honest for a Minute... 

When's the Last Time You:

Bought a Course

Invested in yet another marketing or business course - only to realize you just don't have TIME to go through it (and you really don't want to learn yet another marketing skill)...

Scheduled a Meeting

Added another "networking event" to your calendar... then didn't attend (or did, but wished you hadn't!), because it didn't turn into more clients and connections for you...

Hired a Pro

Hired a new coach, marketing consultant, or VA... praying that it was the "magic" answer to your frustrations and would finally get your business growing...  

And then it didn't bring you the new clients or business growth you were hoping for...  

I get it. Been there. Tried that.  

You're probably thinking, "I just need to get in front of the right people who want and need what I'm offering!" 

What if I could show you an easy way to get others to share and promote you? 

Are you ready for a simple (and fun) solution?

What if you didn't have to find new potential clients to connect with, all on your own?  

What if you had a connection to a group of other entrepreneurs, excited to promote and share you with their email lists, social media communities & personal connections - every single month.  

How would things change in your business? A new client, or two, or more every month? What would that be worth to you?  

And what if, the solution also gave you access to a suite of other simple to use promotional tools, all in one place, to help you make a big splash?

Imagine... No More...

"Well that was awkward..." moments, asking people to share you...

Desperately Trying to Build Your List and Find New Clients on Your Own

Frustration, Wondering Who to Reach Out to... Who's Open to Sharing You?

Awkward Calls Ending with "Not Right Now" or Ignored Email Messages

Wishing You Knew the Secrets that Successful Networkers Know

There IS a better way: meet SplashCliq!

So... What's Inside this SplashCliq Thing?

It's Your Easy Button: Connect with Partners. Get Promoted. Grow Your Business.  

Make a Big Social Media Splash

A community eager to share your blog posts, podcasts, opt-in pages, programs, services and more on social media.

Be Part of a Promotional Cliq

Join a group of entrepreneurs who are eager to promote you and help send you referrals!

Discover How to Get Sightly Famous

A directory of popular podcasts that you can sort by topic and audience, and track your pitches and your show appearances.

Get Noticed by the Media

An easy way to syndicate and share your press releases - plus tips on exactly how to get the media to notice you...

Directory of Opportunities

Be featured (and find others to feature) for guest blog posts, podcasts, webinars, interviews, speaking opportunities & more!

Focused 15-Min Expert Trainings

15 minute trainings from top experts on all of the opportunities to help you execute effectively.

But How Does it Work Exactly?

And What Do I Have to Do? Sign Over My First Born Child? My Right Arm? 

Step 1

Tell Us About Yourself & Your Biz: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you want to make a splash with? We'll match you into a Cliq that fits.

Step 2

Fill in Your Promo Profile: We'll guide you through sharing the information your Cliq will need to share you and send referrals your way.

Step 3

Get Sharing: This network is built on a collaborative mindset and reciprocal sharing. So get your promos scheduled for your Cliq!

Wait, So What's the "Catch"?

No right arms or firstborn children required. You promote and share the people in your Clique and they promote and share you. 

Twice a month you'll choose someone in your group to promote (don't worry, we'll give you creative ways that you can have fun with this and it'll fit in with your brand and what else is on your calendar).

As often as you'd like, you can share member's links on social media for endless points, you can then spend your points to have others share your links on social media.

And, when you're looking for podcast guests, interviewees, joint venture partners, guest bloggers, or other opportunities, check the easy to search SplashCliq directory first!

You also get access to a secret dashboard full of other promotional resources - press release syndication, social media tools, podcast listings, and so much more.

So, Let's Talk Turkey... 

If you're still here, still reading, you're probably a great fit but let's be sure... 

Pop Quiz! Which of These Describe You? 

  • I am a small business owner or entrepreneur (coach, consultant, service provider, speaker, etc)
  • I am looking for exposure opportunities to get my business and my message out in a bigger way
  • My mindset is collaborative and I am willing to support and share others as well as be supported
  • I'm looking to grow my list, my social media, and my influence online - quickly!
  • I'm willing to fully participate in simple action steps and follow a proven process to make it happen!

Did You Say YES to 5 of 5?

Then SplashCliq Might Just Be a Pretty Perfect Solution for You...

Your Three Commitments:  

1. Fill out your profile completely including your promotional materials so you can be assigned to a group, and the group can promote and share you.  

2. Promote one person in your Cliq every two weeks (we recommend you do it with an email to your list - this can be to an interview, a guest blog post, a freebie, a webinar... we'll help you get creative so it makes sense).  

3. Login in once a week and participate in social media sharing and any other pieces you'd like.  

(And yes, you can give your VA access to this system to handle tasks for you!) 

It's Time for a Complete Promo Dashboard at Your Fingertips!

Your Easy "Cliq" Button: Connect with Partners. Get Promoted. Grow Your Biz.