When Social Media Overwhelm Attacks...

Has it hit you yet? The overwhelm.. the confusion... the chaos... The time-sucking attempts to keep up with it all, that are generating few (or no) results for your business? There's a simple solution... 

Magnetic Social Media 2.0

Ready to turn your social media overwhem into an organized, magnetic client attraction machine? 

Let's make it happen!


Step By Step Client Attraction Plan

Let's Start With Who, Exactly, You'd Like the Attention Of... And How, Exactly, You Can Get It... While Being YOU!

The first piece of creating your Magnetic Social Media presence is identifying your ideal client, what problems you help them solve, and how you'll show up to show them you're the answer they've been looking for.

So in Module One we'll explore...

  • Who are you looking for? (And who's looking for you?)
  • What free opt-in gift will best grab their attention?
  • What's a smart first offer to invite them into your world?

Plus... a special bonus session where we'll cover:

  • how to do your own social media audit across all your accounts
  • be sure you're showing up intentionally and consistenty, with your brand and values
  • all the little places you'll want to be sure to invite people to your free opt-in gift

Next, We'll Dive Into the Specifics... 

Once you know who you're looking for, how to grab their attention and where to direct that attention...

You'll create a simple daily plan for each of the social networks you're active on, designed get you noticed - with comments, likes, shares, retweets...

  • What to share (and where - groups, pages, profiles) to get the right clients reaching out to you
  • How to create and use a FB messenger bot to engage prospects 
  • Simple ways to use FB Live in your marketing - inside your groups, on your pages, and more
  • Secrets of creating and hosting successful Facebook groups for lead-generation and community-building
  • Get organized with your group networking and finally see results!
  • The three fastest ways to get the right audience following you - quickly and without any automated tools or spammy approaches
  • Where to find Twitter chats to engage your ideal prospects (and how to create your own)
  • How to use automation in a smart way to reach users in other time zones around the globe 
  • A simple, fun way to 10x the traffic you get from Twitter to your blog
  • Social sharing communities to help you reach thousands more with your tweets
  • Smart, simple ways to organize your Pinterest into a library of authority-building content your audience can't help but love
  • The three ways you can leverage your time to get BIG traffic and brand-boosting results from Pinterest 
  • Quickest ways to create pinnable graphics for your blog posts and promos (plus one BIG mistake not to make)
  • How to easily find and join popular group boards to reach hundreds or thousands with your new pins
  • Grow your Instagram following and build an engaged community
  • Easy ways to re-gram content (and attract new followers)
  • Apps for your mobile phone that will help make Instagram easier, quicker and more effective
  • How to identify and easily use #hashtags with your images - and when to use popular #hashtags vs. niche ones
  • What successful Instagrammers do differently - it's not just a numbers game!
  • A checklist to help you setup your profile in a way that helps you stand out and get found in searches
  • How to use LinkedIn articles, media options and more to build instant credibility
  • The super simple way to reach out to LinkedIn contacts and to grow your subscriber list and gain new clients (99%+ of users have no idea this option even exists!)
  • Why LinkedIn is relevant and how it can get YOU and your business to the top of search engine results fast

Are You Ready to Attract Clients to You Like a Super-Magnet - and Have Fun in the Process?

BONUS! For the next 10 to enroll, you'll get a personal social media audit with me, and customized suggestions of how you can finally get results with your social media marketing.  

Value: $197 (but what's just 1 or 2 new clients really worth to your business?)

10 1 social media audit spots remaining