Connect with Partners. Get Promoted. Grow Your Business.

You've Just Discovered the Easiest Solution to Your Biggest Business Growth Challenge

Let's Get REALLY Honest for a Minute Here... When's the Last Time You... 

Invested in yet another marketing or business course - only to realize you just don't have TIME to go through it (and you really don't want to learn yet another marketing skill)

Added another "networking event" to your calendar... then didn't attend (or did, but wished you hadn't!), because it's useless when it isn't turning into more clients and connections for you

Hired a new coach, marketing consultant, or virtual assistant... praying that it was the "magic" answer to your frustrations and would finally get your business growing...

We get it. Been there. Tried that.

All the while thinking, "I just need to get in front of the right people who want and need what I'm offering!"

What if we showed you an easy way to get others to share and promote you? Are you ready for a simple (guaranteed) solution?

What if you didn't have to find new potential clients to connect with, all on your own? 

What if you had a connection to a group of other entrepreneurs, excited to promote and share you with their email lists, social media communities and personal connections - every single month.

How would things change in your business? A new client, or two, or more every month? What would that be worth to you?

Imagine... No More...

Desperately Trying to Build Your List and Find New Client on Your Own

Frustration, Wondering Who to Reach Out to - Who's Open to Sharing You 

Awkward Calls Ending with "Not Right Now" or Ignored Email Messages

Wishing You Knew the Secrets that Successful Networkers Know

So, How Does this Thing Work, Exactly? It's as Easy as 1... 2... 3...

Step 1: Tell Us About You So We Can Identify Your Perfect Group 

  • Fill out a short questionnaire about your business 
  • Get assigned to your group of 24 non-competitive entrepreneurs  

Step 2: Get Your Promo Materials into the System 

  • We'll help you schedule an appointment with a Connections Concierge
  • Together, you'll design the promotional packet your group members need to promote you
  • BONUS: You'll also get to create a microsite for even more exposure (plus a directory listing, and search engine rankings!) 

Step 3: Schedule Your Promotions (and Get Promoted)

  • Next you'll schedule your promotions for fellow group members, and they'll schedule their promotions for you
  • Get excited as you see the results... and celebrate!

PLUS... you'll also get access to bonus trainings and challenges to boost your results even more, including:

  • Weekly 15 minute list-building and social media growth challenges 
  • And other secret bonuses you'll discover inside the Club...

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let's Get Started & Get Partners Promoting YOU!

IMPORTANT: Because groups are formed with non-competitive businesses and fill quickly, this invitation may be removed without notice. Our focus is delivering promotional results for those active in Connection Club - and as a member, you will always be our priority!

Membership Investment: $100/month or $997 for a year


Your Connection Club hosts, Sabrina Gibson & Michelle Shaeffer, have decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners...

From business fundamentals, to social media, to networking, to blogging, to sales - they've been there, done it, and are constantly on the lookout for solutions that make it all easier.

This time, Sabrina discovered that the solution had to be created. After watching clients struggle to connect with partners, and knowing that just a few promotional partners change everything, the Connection Club was born.

When Sabrina shared her concept... Michelle just couldn't resist and jumped on the opportunity to help build and share the Club!

Sabrina Gibson & Michelle Shaeffer